License Suspension

In the state of Florida, the sad fact is that a DUI is going to mean the temporary loss of your driver's license. In fact, as soon as you are arrested for a DUI or refuse a Breathalyzer test, you effectively lose your driver's license and your DUI citation serves as a temporary license. You then have 10 days to appeal to the DMV if you wish to avoid the automatic administrative suspension.

Because a driver's license suspension goes along with a DUI conviction, the best and only way to hold on to your license is to explore defenses to a DUI or to learn about hardship exceptions to DUI license suspension. At The Ansara Law Firm, our Fort Lauderdale DUI attorneys can assist you in exploring all of your options when facing DUI charges so you can make them most informed choice about how to minimize the consequences of these serious charges.

Florida License Suspension Laws

Florida laws regarding DUI license suspensions are found in Florida Statute 322.271 and 322.28. Under the law in the state of Florida:

  • A first DUI conviction results in a suspension between 180 days and one year
  • A second conviction within five years of the first results in a five-year revocation. However, if you can prove hardship, you may be able to get the license reinstated after one year.
  • A third conviction results in a ten-year revocation with the opportunity to get a hardship reinstatement after two years.
  • A fourth conviction results in permanent revocation.
  • A conviction for murder with a motor vehicle results in a permanent license revocation.
  • A DUI manslaughter conviction results in a permanent revocation, but a hardship reinstatement is available after five years.
  • A vehicular homicide conviction results in a three-year revocation.

Getting your license reinstated at the end of your suspension is not an automatic process either- you will need to comply with all legal requirements and pay all outstanding costs and fees. You will also need to obtain special auto insurance and complete an FR-44 form, which is a form verifying that you have sufficiently high auto insurance liability coverage.

The consequences of losing your license are significant, as it may be very difficult to get to and from work or to transport your family as needed. As such, it is important to get legal advice on how you may be able to avoid a license suspension or prove hardship to get your license back, at least on a limited basis. An experienced Florida DUI lawyer can help you to consider defenses, plea bargains and other available options so you will be able to drive as soon as possible after your DUI.

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