DUIs and Motor Vehicle Insurance

In addition to a suspension of your driver's license and criminal penalties including possible fines and incarceration, a DUI conviction has another consequence as well: buying auto insurance is going to become extremely expensive and difficult.

A DUI arrest and conviction is inevitably going to cause your auto insurance costs to increase by as much as 200 to 300 percent. The only way to avoid this is to avoid conviction by defending yourself or plea-bargaining your DUI charges down to a lesser offense. You should always contact an experienced Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney for assistance in order to have the best chance of avoiding conviction and avoiding the resulting impact of DUIs and motor vehicle insurance increases. The Ansara Law Firm has extensive experience handling DUI cases and we can put that experience to work for you.

Florida Laws on DUIs and Motor Vehicle Insurance

In the state of Florida, new financial responsibility certification requirements for DUI offenders were passed in 2008 under Florida Statute 316.193. Certification requirements are essentially an official letter from your automobile insurance carrier indicating that you have the required amount of insurance coverage. After the changes made in 2008, individuals in Florida who have been convicted of a DUI will need to have higher amounts of liability coverage and the certification from the auto insurer will need to reflect this coverage.

The certification requirements for DUI offenders set forth in Florida statute 316.193 mandate that you have your insurance company complete a form called FR-44. This replaces a standard form called an SR-22 that was previously used to confirm auto insurance coverage for people who had a DUI conviction. The FR-44 is a more stringent form with its imposition of higher liability limits. Those required to have the form completed must have liability limits equal to 100/300/50. This means that your insurance will cover up to $100,000 of personal injury damages incurred by each person you injure in an accident and will pay up to $300,000 in total damages to all parties combined who are injured in an accident you cause. Finally, the "50" refers to $50,000 in property coverage that will be paid per accident.

When you submit the FR-44 form to your insurance company, this immediately lets the insurer know that you have been found guilty of a DUI. This can result in a premium increase and, in some cases, insurance companies will actually drop an insured as a result of a DUI. This means you could lose your coverage and need to find a new insurance company- something that is not easy to do and that is very expensive to do with the DUI on your record.

Having the FR-44 completed by an insurance company is a prerequisite of getting your driver's license back after a DUI suspension. You must complete the FR-44 form before your license will be reinstated. You must also keep the FR-44 form active for three years after the DUI.

The expense of insurance after a DUI is astronomical. To learn how best to avoid this by avoiding a DUI conviction or pleading guilty to a lesser offense, contact an experienced Boward County DUI attorney.

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