No Valid Driver’s License

It is generally common knowledge that a valid driver’s license is legally required in order to drive a car, however this doesn’t always prevent people from doing so anyway. No Valid Driver’s License is a very common offense in South Florida’s judicial system, and our lawyers are no strangers to these types of cases. The South Florida traffic Attorneys at The Ansara Law Firm have handled thousands of cases pertaining to driving without a valid license in their decade of operation. We are constantly raising the bar for client satisfaction and achieved results.

There are two ways this kind of situation will usually unfold. First, if the arresting officer concludes through his or her investigation that the individual never obtained a driver’s license and this is their first offense, then they will usually charge the offender with a second-degree misdemeanor NVDL charge. These charges are punishable by a fine of up to $500 and/or up to 60 days in jail, though jail time is extremely rare in these cases.

Most people would surmise that No Valid Driver’s License is a more severe crime than Driving With License Suspended, however it carries significantly milder penalties. Most notably, a Driving While License Suspended charge counts as one of three preliminary strikes before being labeled as a Habitual Traffic Offender, while No Valid Driver’s License does not. Habitual Traffic Offenders are given more severe sentences and are likely to lose their driving privilege for an extended period of time. The only real penalty for Driving Without a License is that it goes on a permanent criminal record. Arguably, it is better to not have been granted a driver’s license at all and get charged with Driving Without a License, than it would be to have a driver’s license that has been suspended and get charged with Driving While License Suspended due to the penalties for each respective crime. When you have a license that has been placed under suspension, then the State has the ability to take that driving privilege away from you, however when you were never issued a driver’s license in the first place, the State can’t take it away from you.

The Broward County traffic attorneys at The Ansara Law Firm have dealt with countless of cases of this nature. When dealing with a NVDL case, several defenses can be brought before the judge and may end up in a dismissal. Our attorneys always attempt to get these kinds of charges dismissed. Our goal is to have you leave court happy and in good standing with the law.

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