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Lauderhill is a city of 67,000 located in Broward County. It began as a community of off-the-shelf designs available at Macy’s department store in the 1960s for roughly $17,000.

Lauderhill Criminal Defense Attorney Richard Ansara represents clients facing misdemeanor and felony charges in Lauderhill and the surrounding areas, including Tamarac, Lauderhill Lakes, Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise and Plantation.

The Ansara Law Firm handle many types of criminal charges, including:

Richard Ansara is an experienced Lauderhill defense lawyer who handles all types of theft crimes. If you are facing allegations or burglary, robbery, larceny, auto theft, receiving stolen property or other theft crime, we urge you to remain silent and contact our office as soon as possible.

One of the most often filed criminal charges, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement reports more than 47,000 larceny charges were filed in 2011 in Broward County, including shoplifting and thefts from vehicles and buildings. Almost 20,000 burglaries were reported and nearly 3,500 robberies.

Don’t be intimidated into talking to law enforcement with threats of receiving stolen property or other charges. Consult an attorney. Remaining silent is typically your best option. Authorities reported $170 million in stolen property in Broward County in 2011. About $33 million was recovered. The value of motor vehicles stolen ($49 million) and jewelry and precious metals stolen ($37 million) were both higher than the value of cash stolen: ($14 million).

These are unique cases and how you are charged (robbery or burglary, for instance) can have a drastic impact on the potential penalties you face. Often authorities attempt to combine charges, file numerous charges or inflate the dollar amount of the alleged stolen property, all in an effort to intimidate or punish a defendant. Those with experienced legal help can prevail.

Drunk driving charges are also frequently filed in Broward. Nearly 5,000 cases were filed during the last year for which statistics are available. However, fewer than half of those charged were convicted that year. Other serious driving charges include:

  • Reckless Driving
  • Leaving the scene
  • Fleeing
  • Hit-and-Run
  • Driving with a Suspended or Revoked License
  • Speeding
  • Drag Racing

Those arrested for DUI in Lauderhill who test above .08 (or who refuse to test) have just 10 days to request a hearing on the suspension of their driver’s license through the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. An experienced Lauderhill DUI defense attorney can assist you with this as well.

Defense of drug charges is another area where we can help. Lauderhill Defense Attorney Richard Ansara handles all types of drug cases, including allegations involving marijuana grow houses, meth labs and prescription drug abuse. Having a drug problem should not be a crime. Please choose an attorney who understands the different options available, including drug court, treatment options and alternative sentencing.

If you have been arrested in Broward County, contact The The Ansara Law Firm for a free initial consultation to discuss your rights. Call (954) 761-4011.

Client Reviews
“Just wanted to say what a professional law firm "The Ansara Law Firm" was in handling my case and can't thank Richard enough for keeping me calm and letting me know the status of my case. You really do care about your clients and made me feel at ease during my legal issues!” Andy Austin
"Richard was thorough, patient and went above and beyond to make a hard time for my family a little more bearable. I pray we never need a criminal defense attorney again, but if we do, there is NO doubt who we're going to!" Amy
"I had a dui case and Mr. Ansara made it go as smooth as possible. He was able to time everything so I could get a new company up and running without the dui effecting my ability to drive." Sean
"I have been a client of Richard Ansara for several years now, I am pleased with his outcomes on all my cases, patience, professionalism and courteousness when I come into his office. I would definitely recommend Ansara's Law Firm to friends and family for any of their future legal needs." Emily Gutierrez