Hollywood is a city of 140,000 residents located in Broward County, Florida. Founded in 1925, it includes 6 miles of Atlantic Ocean beachfront and is now the 12th largest city in Florida.

Hollywood Criminal Defense Attorney Richard Ansara provides criminal defense representation in Hollywood and the surrounding areas, including Fort Lauderdale, Dania Beach, Davie, Cooper City, Pembroke Pines and West Park.

The Ansara Law Firm, represent clients facing a wide variety of misdemeanor and felony charges in Hollywood, including:

As an experienced Hollywood DUI defense lawyer, Richard Ansara understands the importance of fighting drunk driving charges. Having a conviction on your record can have all sorts of negative consequences, including an inability to hold certain jobs, increased insurance premiums, and exposure to jail time and other serious penalties in the event of a subsequent arrest.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reports the cost of a drunk driving conviction can approach $20,000. And fighting your license suspension is a separate, administrative process, which occurs through the DMV. The fact of the matter is that drunk driving is the most frequently filed criminal charge in the state of Florida. And it has become big business for local courts and municipalities.

Prostitution defense in Hollywood is another area where having an experienced attorney can reduce or eliminate the potential penalties and consequences of a prostitution or solicitation charge. As a Hollywood criminal defense lawyer, Richard Ansara understands these are often embarrassing cases. Unfortunately, a defendant sometimes quickly pleads guilt in an attempt to put the incident in the rearview mirror. Too often, that only serves to ensure a defendant has paid too high a price and been left with a permanent criminal record. By taking the time to consult with an experienced law firm, these types of charges can often be successfully reduced or eliminated.

And keeping a sex offense off your criminal record is always the best option.

Domestic violence defense in Hollywood also requires an experienced defense firm. Law enforcement officers are too often too quick to slap a domestic charge on the male at the scene of a police call. Failure to fight a charge of domestic violence can have life-long repercussions, including an inability to own firearms or work in certain professions.

Uncontested charges can also seriously impact divorce or child custody cases. And a domestic violence restraining order can even prevent you from returning home or seeing your children. If you are facing a domestic violence charge in Hollywood, a proactive defense is critical to protecting your rights.

Each case is unique. At The Ansara Law Firm, we believe every defendant deserves access to quality legal representation. And we are dedicated to keeping you informed, and seeking your input, at each stage of the legal process.

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