Forfeiture and Government Seizures


If the government believes that property you own is the product of a criminal enterprise, or is being used to further a crime then you can be sure that the government will attempt to seize and keep those assets. This is called a government forfeiture and it happens every day throughout Florida and the United States. As a result, real estate, boats, cars, planes, cash, jewelry, and weapons are among the many items regularly seized by the local state and Federal Government. Asset seizure and forfeiture is an excellent way for government agencies to gain assets. These assets may be used or sold to raise money for the government to buy essential items such as police cars, bullet proof vests, guns, and ammunition. 

The law generally requires that the seizing agency notify an individual that the the government is attempting to forfeit the property. You ordinarily have between 15-30 days to respond to the government forfeiture and to request a probable cause hearing in order to challenge the taking of property. Forfeitures are civil cases and can be defended successfully by an experienced government seizure or forfeiture attorney. If you have been arrested in Florida and have had your personal property taken by law enforcement - then you need to speak with a knowledgeable criminal and forfeiture attorney.

Government forfeitures are often associated with drug crimes, white collar crimes, and theft crimes. However, you do not need to be arrested in order to have your property seized! Be aware that just because you were not arrested does not mean that the government will return your property. The attorney's at the The Ansara Law Firm will challenge the probable cause for the forfeiture and fight for the return of your property.

Whether your property has been seized by the Broward Sheriff's Office, Palm Beach Sheriff's Office, Miami Dade Sheriff's Office, The Federal Bureau of Investigation, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, or any other government agency be sure to call The Ansara Law Firm. At The Ansara Law Firm you will find the legal expertise necessary to successfully defend your property from government seizure or forfeiture.