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As an experienced Coral Gables criminal defense attorney, I am firmly committed to fierce advocacy of my clients’ rights and best interests. 

Florida Bar Rules of Ethics clearly instruct lawyers to never understate or overstate achievable results or otherwise create unrealistic expectations. This means ethically, we can’t promise a guaranteed fix to your situation. But it’s an undisputed fact that criminal defendants with proper legal counsel have far better case outcomes than those who don’t: Lower conviction rates, lesser charges, reduced fines, and shorter prison terms. 

If you’re innocent, you cannot assume the truth alone will set you free. If you’re guilty – wholly or in part – you cannot assume it’s an open-and-shut case. No matter the circumstances, there are always ways a Coral Gables criminal defense attorney can minimize the impact.

Too often, police and prosecutors push forward with big-consequence criminal cases despite weak or even questionably-gained evidence. At The Ansara Law Firm, we push back:

  • We’ll move to suppress adverse evidence that wasn’t properly obtained.
  • We’ll advise you when to exercise your right to remain silent (which should be your default if you aren’t sure). 
  • We’ll launch a pre-faile investigation, researching and gathering evidence in your favor. This can sometimes be used to persuade prosecutors not to formally file charges or to pursue a lesser charge.
  • We’ll provide insight on whether a plea deal is in your best interests or if you’re better off taking your chances at trial.

We understand that being accused of a crime can make you feel scared, helpless, and maybe even angry. There’s a lot riding on the outcome of this case. You can take your chances with a public defender – many of whom are very good at what they do – but that assumes you qualify for one. Even then, they’re almost always grappling with huge caseloads. We make time for our Coral Gables clients and never take lightly the responsibilities with which we’ve been trusted. We’ll give your case all we’ve got. Our track record of proven success speaks for itself.

About Coral Gables

Nestled in the heart of Miami-Dade County, Coral Gables stands out for its picturesque landscapes and architecture, commitment to cultural enrichment, and as home to the University of Miami, one of the top private research universities in the country. 

Miracle Mile, a vibrant shopping and dining district lined with boutiques, restaurants, and cafes, is considered the city center. Other popular tourist draws include the Coral Gable Art Cinema, renowned for showcase independent, international, and classic films. There are also iconic landmarks like The Biltmore Hotel and the Venetian Pool that lure travelers the world over.

While Coral Gables is a relatively affluent community and is considered fairly safe, our Coral Gables criminal defense attorneys know no place is entirely immune to criminal activity. According to FBI crime statistics, Coral Gables in a single recent year reported 50 violent crimes (homicide, rape, robbery, assault) and more than 1,300 property crimes (burglary, larceny, motor vehicle theft, etc.). The bulk of violent crimes included robberies and aggravated assaults.  

As for crimes on the University of Miami campus, by far the most prevalent were sexual offenses - rape, in particular. In a single recent year, rape accounted for 42 percent of reported offenses. It’s not clear how many of those incidents resulted in arrests, let alone convictions, but we do know the school has been sued numerous times in civil court for alleged failure to protect students from sexual assaults - from resident advisors, football players, and other students. 

Coral Gables is policed by the Coral Gables Police Department, an accredited agency with 191 sworn police officers. Occasionally, investigations into Coral Gables crimes are helmed or assisted by the Florida Highway Patrol or the Miami-Dade Police Department (which will fall under a county sheriff’s department umbrella by 2025). Felony and misdemeanor cases will likely go before the Coral Gables District Court. More serious cases may be funneled to the 17th Judicial Circuit Court.

Do I Really Need to Hire a Coral Gables Criminal Defense Lawyer?

There is no law that says you are required to hire a criminal defense lawyer at all. In fact, you have the right to represent yourselves in a criminal proceeding. But many who don’t later wish they had. It’s not that they aren’t clever, but they lack the familiarity with the law and the system that a criminal defense attorney has. 

For those thinking they’ll simply wait for their free, appointed public defender, know this: You’re only going to be appointed a cost-free defense attorney if you’re both indigent and facing jail time. The criteria for indigency are stringent. And there are many crimes that don’t carry a jail term but can still have serious, lasting consequences for your life. 

People can and do manage their criminal cases without an attorney to advocate for them. That doesn’t mean they manage well. Even people who are attorneys themselves hire another if they’re ever facing a legal matter themselves. They know it’s just good practice, and increases the odds of a more favorable outcome. 

Although it can be tough to quantify the exact impact of a defense lawyer, one analysis by the Yale Law Journal revealed defense attorneys were able to lower their clients’ conviction rates by 19 percent, lower the rate of a life sentence by 62 percent and reduce overall expected time served in prison by 24 percent. 

When you’re talking about the rest of your life, you want to ensure you have the best possible chance to beat this and move on to the next chapter with a clean slate. 

If you have been arrested in Miami-Dade County and need to secure immediate legal representation, call The Ansara Law Firm in Broward County at (954) 761-4011.

Client Reviews
“Just wanted to say what a professional law firm "The Ansara Law Firm" was in handling my case and can't thank Richard enough for keeping me calm and letting me know the status of my case. You really do care about your clients and made me feel at ease during my legal issues!” Andy Austin
"Richard was thorough, patient and went above and beyond to make a hard time for my family a little more bearable. I pray we never need a criminal defense attorney again, but if we do, there is NO doubt who we're going to!" Amy
"I had a dui case and Mr. Ansara made it go as smooth as possible. He was able to time everything so I could get a new company up and running without the dui effecting my ability to drive." Sean
"I have been a client of Richard Ansara for several years now, I am pleased with his outcomes on all my cases, patience, professionalism and courteousness when I come into his office. I would definitely recommend Ansara's Law Firm to friends and family for any of their future legal needs." Emily Gutierrez