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As experienced Broward County criminal defense attorneys, we’re proud to have served this diverse and dynamic community for more than 20 years. ISituated on South Florida’s Gold Coast, Broward County encompasses everything from the towering skyscrapers and lively streets of Fort Lauderdale to the serene beaches and small-town feel of coastal communities like Deerfield Beach. It’s the second-most populous Florida County (after Miami-Dade), with 1.8 million residents in 31 cities. People who call Broward home as well as those just stopping in for business or a visit come from all walks of life. 

Just as there is diversity in Broward’s natural, cultural, and population landscapes, the same can be said of its legal landscape - particularly in the criminal justice system. Every case requires a nuanced approach tailored to fit the individual client’s situation. 

Within Broward, we serve the communities of:

Most Broward County criminal cases in these communities are handled by either the 17th Judicial Circuit (with locations in Fort Lauderdale [East and West Buildings], Deerfield Beach, Plantation, and Hollywood) or the Broward County Court in Fort Lauderdale. There’s also the Broward County Drug Court in Lauderdale Lakes and the Juvenile Assessment Center in Fort Lauderdale. Appeals are heard by Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeals.

Of course, many of the criminal cases that wind their way through these courts are of the same sort you’ll see in Anywhere, USA:

But there are certain singular elements of this coastal community that are also reflected in the cases weighed in the Broward criminal justice system.

A few examples: 

Cultural Diversity. 

Broward welcomes folks from all over the world- all ethnicities, religions, and nationalities. Larger cities like Fort Lauderdale reflect a true melting pot. There are many upsides to this, but it can also sometimes lead to mistrust, misunderstandings, and a higher-than-average number of hate crimes. In a single recent year, the FBI reported there were 16 hate crimes just in Fort Lauderdale alone, and 28 total in Broward County. The problem was deemed serious enough that the U.S. Department of Justice agreed to fund the Broward Hate Crimes Awareness Initiative in 2021.


Broward County has a booming tourism industry. Our tropical climate, with an average year-round temperature of 77 degrees, and a 24-mile span of beautiful beaches are a major lure. An estimated 118 million visitors were tallied just in one single recent year. While this is a great economic driver in our region, there are some crimes that tend to go hand-in-hand with a robust tourism industry. 

Among those: 

  • Theft & pickpocketing (wallets, smartphones, and cameras are common targets)
  • Scams & frauds (credit card fraud/identity theft, confidence schemes, and sale of counterfeit goods)
  • Alcohol-related offenses (public intoxication, disorderly conduct, and DUI)
  • Drug offenses (possession, distribution, and drug-related disturbances)
  • Assault & battery (often fueled by alcohol, excited crowds, domestic disputes, etc.)
  • Prostitution/solicitation (increasingly moving off the streets and more in online forums)
Economic Disparities. 

Recent research funded by the Urban League of Broward County revealed significant income inequality along racial lines in this region of Southeast Florida. The median income of Black households in Broward County is just 71 percent ($48,000) of White households ($67,000). Hispanic/Latino household incomes are on average 13 percent lower than White household incomes. 

Why does this matter? Because income inequality has a well-established correlation with higher crime rates. Reasons for this are speculative, but some social scientists theorize income gaps result in dynamics where folks get more gains from illegal activities than legal ones. Economic disparities also lead to less social cohesion between classes and an erosion in public institutions - including law enforcement. Lower levels of education, employment, and social support in low-income communities mean fewer resources to maintain the mental, emotional, physical, and financial stability that compels people to avoid risky/illegal behavior. 

Income inequality is certainly not unique to Broward County, but it’s especially marked here - with multi-million dollar beachfront mansions may be just a few miles from public housing. Only 5 percent of families can afford the $600,000 median home price in Broward County.

Large Population of Elderly & Retirees.

Florida is a top retirement destination, and Broward County is only getting older. The median age of Broward residents is 41.2 years. By 2034, those ages 55+ will account for 38 percent of the population in Broward. 

While crime rates among older individuals tend to be lower compared to their younger counterparts, they may be more vulnerable to being victims. In particular, they’re at higher risk of abuse/neglect, property crimes, and financial exploitation and fraud (including healthcare fraud schemes, identity theft, and scams targeting estate planning).

Hire a Broward Criminal Defense Lawyer You Can Trust

No matter what type of criminal charge you’re facing, hiring a Broward criminal defense lawyer is the best hope to avoid the worst of the potential consequences. 

A criminal record can follow you forever. It not only threatens your freedom and reputation, it can adversely impact your education, employment, and housing opportunities, as well as interpersonal relationships. The best way to avoid such outcomes is to prioritize a strong defense. Hiring an experienced Broward criminal defense lawyer can go a long way toward protecting your civil rights, your reputation, and your future. 

If you were recently arrested in Broward, Palm Beach, or Miami-Dade Counties - or are concerned for a loved one facing criminal charges -  immediately call The Ansara Law Firm at (945) 761-4011 or contact us online for the highest quality criminal defense representation in Southeast Florida.

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