After people have been arrested or convicted of crimes, they may face difficulties in many aspects of their lives.  This is especially true in cases involving sex, drug, or theft crimes.  People encounter difficulties because their criminal record has negative marks.  Every person’s criminal record is accessible to the general public.  Because of this, people who have been convicted of crimes often have a hard time obtaining employment, education, or housing opportunities.  Criminal offenders may also have a hard time obtaining student or bank loans.

Thankfully, there is a way for people to leave the past and their criminal records behind.  Through the process of expungement, people can have their criminal record “cleansed” of their past offenses and arrests.  The expungement process can be fairly easy, especially if the person petitioning for expungement has a credible attorney helping him/her.

By hiring an attorney who has successfully handled numerous other expungement cases, you can safeguard your best interests.  You will receive the advice and direction you need to file for the expungement of your criminal record efficiently.  Additionally, you will ensure that future well-being remains protected. 

South Florida Expungement Attorney

The Ansara Law Firm is a South Florida criminal defense firm servicing clients throughout Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and St. Lucie counties.  Criminal defense attorney, Richard Ansara, is devoted to helping his clients contest their expungements.  As a committed solo practitioner, Mr. Ansara strives to give each of his clients the attention and counsel they need to be successful with their expungement matters.  He will always go the extra mile for his clients.

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